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Features Of MLM Software:

1. Membership Database: By  using our MLM Software, it is easy to create multiple member types, create new members, membership management, member only area and many more.

a) Create Multiple Member Types –

  Customizable member database
- Multiple levels of membership
- Import existing database of members

b) New Member Creation

   Easy to create new members in our software's Admin Control Panel.
   New Member Creation - Customizable member creation
- Duplicate field check
- Random password generation
- Cookie-based tracking

c) Membership Management

Keep a record of detailed account summaries, all members. Also you can activate/deactivate members
Search all members
View deleted members

d) Members Only Area

Secure password authentication
Manage genealogy, transactions
 Process additional transactions
 Edit profile
 E-mail downline

2. Genealogy Structure

Our MLM Software helps you to set up your downline structure to operate exactly like you need. Our MLM Software provides support virtually for any downline operation.

- Multiple program structures
-Upgrade members to another program structure
-Sell additional downline positions

3. Downline Management

Our Enterprise MLM Software offers the tools to easily manage member's genealogies, view customized downline reports, transfer downline positions, search all downlines and many more.

- View customized downline reports
- Search all downlines
- Transfer / delete downline positions
- Change a member's sponsor

4. Payment Processing

- Real time credit card processing
- Manual payment processing
- Overdraft protection feature

5. Membership Fees

Our MLM Software require new members to pay a membership fee before being activated, automatically track recurring fees and many more.

- Require new members to pay a membership fee
- Automatically track recurring fees
- Trial memberships

6. Manage Transaction Accounts

- Consolidated transaction accounts
- Manually add transactions
- Detailed transaction information
- Search all transactions

 7. Rewards & Commissions:

Keep a track of each and every member recurring commissions and rewards using our enterprise MLM Software.

- Recurring commissions
- Matching commission bonus
- Step-level program

8. Commission Payouts:

- Instantly process commission pay outs
- Easy two step pay out process
- Minimum commission pay out amount
- Charge a processing fee

9. Privilege System:

Using the privilege system in our MLM Software, define exactly what actions members can perform through the Member's Only Area, and administrators can perform through the Admin Control Panel. This allows you to give access to the needed actions, while restricting access for more sensitive functions.

- Define privileges based on member type
- Define different privileges for each administrator
- Restrict any action throughout the software
- Define a time limit on certain actions

10. Communication System:

Send personalized e-mail messages to members automatically when needed, from the Admin Panel of our MLM Software. Through the communication system, you can setup your notification settings, e-mail all members and many more.
 -Communication System
 - Complete control over all e-mail messages
 - Instantly e-mail all members
 - Send a series of follow-up messages
 - Send messages with the click of a mouse