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The Australian Plan:

The ''Australian Plan'' seems the most complex of the most used plans in the MLM industry.In its simplest form, each person must recruit a fixed number who must move a certain amount of product for the sponsor to advance (actually break a way).  Yet this program is not like any other program.

For example: A sponsors B, C and D.   A must leave (give up) B & C with her/his original sponsor and take D to start her/his own group.  D sponsors D1, D2, and D3.  D1 and D2 remain with A and D3 goes with D when D has met the requirement.  A sponsors E & F and they remain with A until they do what D has done, then they break a way.  Depending on the plan, A is usually paid on the volume of her/his organization and on personal break a ways, but not on their break a ways.